About Route Me There

"Route Me There" provides multi-depot, multi-vehicle and multi-destination route optimization. This site is developed and maintained by Cardinal Optimization, Inc (COI). COI provides expertise in numerical optimization and its applications. This site is one of our projects dedicated to making numerical optimization techniques readily available to the public.

Although this site provides an effective routing tool for single driver and multi-destination route optimization, COI has also developed effective technologies for balancing work load optimally across multiple vehicles and generating an optimal route for each vehicle. In addition, there is built-in flexibility that allows for multiple vehicles to be dispatched from multiple depots with different operational or performance metrics such as distributing tasks evenly across resources or minimizing total cost. Please Contact Us for these offers.


This site offers three types of services for your special needs:

  1. Basic Online Route service for our guest non-registered users. Currently, we offer route optimization service that takes in multiple addresses and output optimal visiting order of these addresses aiming to minimize total driving distances. Driving directions are given and rendered on Bing Maps. Please reference Online Route Usage note on how to use this service. This service is offered to our guests for trial use without signing up and it has certain usage limitations.
  2. Premium Online Route service for our subscribed users. This service is offered to premium users for extended features and usage on top of what's been offered to Basic services. Premium users need to first Sign Up and then Login for this service.
  3. Web Service of route optimization solutions. This service applies to IT companies that would like to integrate route optimization solutin into their applications. Right now, we offer free proof of concept trials when you register with us. Please Register with us for this offer and Contact Us if you have any questions.
The maps and/or directions recommended on www.routemethere.com are for your reference only. Users assume all risk of use. We assume no responsibility for any loss or delay resulting from such use.